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Welcome to <The Enclave>!  Founded on 12/28/11 by Chazmataz, we are a helpful guild trying to provide a welcoming atmosphere for players to join and level alongside friends.  We believe that the key to a good guild is knowledge, and respect.  This respect goes both ways, coming from the leaders of the guild, and also from the newest recruits, forming the ultimate formula for success.

As of now, our goals include to expand our numbers, and to help our current members reach endgame status to begin the level 50 instances and fights.  The only way for these goals to be reached are to work hard, collect resources and information, and have a portal to which this information can be shared.  And that is where you, the hard working members of The Enclave will shine.  Our guild is a knowledge bank, and there simply needed to be a location for all of this knowledge to pour out onto.  So I encourage any and everyone to sign up to this website, and post what's on your mind in the appropriate forum, or comment on the appropriate article, and let's make this site the best it can be.

Currently we are accepting all applications, and starting every recruit off at the member rank in game.  If you believe you should be ranked higher, you should specify in the application, however as of now we are simply using the applications to receive your in game name, and hopefully already have a link to the website for you.  If you have any questions, you can reach Guildmaster Chazmataz at or via private message on this website.

Safe travels and happy hunting,


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